Welcome to the Tard Dancetm v5.0 To be Updated Soon!!
Happy New Year 2003 Everyone!!

If you're curious as to what happened to the page read below

New Section! Tards of The Dance!

And Introducing 'G' on the GuiTard!

Well It's been a Whole Year and Circumstances have not allowed me to update the site.. but that is soon to change!Expect Updates VERY Soon!.. more tards.. more mayhem! more laughsTell all your friends The TardDance is Back Once Again!!
Thanks and Enjoy!,

Yes, I know, I'm going to hell...Email comments and hate Mail to: tard_dance@hotmail.com
Thanks! and Enjoy!

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I'd like to thank all of those who've sent me inspiring Fan Mail, I'm really touched, we shall share some Hell Space Together! Special Thanks to the small amount of Hate Mail I've received.. It really makes my Day!...

Special Thanks Go Out to www.fugly.com for hosting us and Finally giving Tard Dance a Home!!!